Binary Options Trading Simplified

That binary options trading is gaining much traction across the globe is no longer a matter of debate but rather a statement of an open fact. The working class with surplus income and students with extra pocket money to spare and incomes from their part-time jobs are looking for ways to best invest their money […]

Alibaba Continues To Struggle | What We Can Expect In 2016

Alibaba, at one point, was the stock that seemingly everyone wanted to own. The company marked a historically large IPO and built incredible demand. However, since just months after the IPO, the stock has been following a trend toward the bottom. Today, we’ll talk about why Alibaba continues to struggle and what we can expect […]

no risk no reward

Top Of The Stocks For 2015 (look into investing in these)

Risk. A scary word if there ever was one. And yet, here we are, taking risks on a daily basis. And the risks aren’t always very obvious – it’s not like every twist in turn in life comes in the shape of a roller-coaster, a bungee rope, and a parachute or is accompanied with a […]

king blatter

FIFA + Money = Corruption?

Sepp Blatter’s Golden Throne of Corruption and sponsorships There is a saying, or at least a belief that “sports and politics” should not mix. Tough. They do, and it was signed, sealed and delivered long ago. But even more severely, sports and money have long had a loving and caring relationship, they’ve been flirting for […]

Sean bean GOT

Playing Civilization in the real world

For the sake of those of you who didn’t know it, the “Civilization” series was a PC based strategy game where you, as the leader of the nation of your choice had to grow and expand your nation throughout the millennia, going from a poor wasteland to a rich, world ruling nation. All measures were […]

South Sea greed

A Spectacular Failure (an ode to mismanagement)

There’s a definite appeal to someone else’s failure, no matter the scale, I’ve already covered some of the top market crashes ever (here) and a few famous names that were/are businessmen but weren’t overly successful at it (here) so the only thing similar to both of those, the only aspect I haven’t written about just […]

Needle bursting a bubble

Riches to Rags – A few people who had it all, and lost it

Be honest about it, when was the lost time you had a thought that was similar to this: “when I become rich I’ll….”? For me, it was this morning when the overused, broken down, smelly looking, funny sounding, rusted out piece of cardboard some might actually refer to as a “car” broke down again, so […]


ChinaFlix (or Netflix, China, the future of entertainment and the Chinese market)

The basis of financials is quite simple – if you want so survive you need income, and to create income you need a market for your product. And, since planning ahead is always good in business, you would probably be better off creating bigger and better markets for yourself, as you grow, even if your […]

Leo meme

The Verizon-AOL deal and the future of U.S telecoms

The big financial news yesterday came out of the U.S where mobile telecom giant Verizon agreed to buy former online giant AOL for a cool $4.4 billion, or roughly $50 per share, well above AOL’s market value. Yes folks, Verizon overpaid, how much remains to be seen, but you just need to grab a quick […]

I don't always win elections

A Brand new (same as the old) day?

It is often said that “the more things change the more they stay the same” and that proved to be exactly right for the UK elections, voters woke up on the morning of the elections to a spirited and apparently neck to neck race, but by the time results started coming in it became quite […]