South Sea greed

A Spectacular Failure (an ode to mismanagement)

There’s a definite appeal to someone else’s failure, no matter the scale, I’ve already covered some of the top market crashes ever (here) and a few famous names that were/are businessmen but weren’t overly successful at it (here) so the only thing similar to both of those, the only aspect I haven’t written about just […]

Needle bursting a bubble

Riches to Rags – A few people who had it all, and lost it

Be honest about it, when was the lost time you had a thought that was similar to this: “when I become rich I’ll….”? For me, it was this morning when the overused, broken down, smelly looking, funny sounding, rusted out piece of cardboard some might actually refer to as a “car” broke down again, so […]


ChinaFlix (or Netflix, China, the future of entertainment and the Chinese market)

The basis of financials is quite simple – if you want so survive you need income, and to create income you need a market for your product. And, since planning ahead is always good in business, you would probably be better off creating bigger and better markets for yourself, as you grow, even if your […]

crashed house

Top market crashes in world history

You know that thing that happens when you’re driving somewhere and there’s a car crash in the opposite direction? Oh, sure, you feel sorry and remorseful, and yet you can’t help slowing down or coming to a screeching halt, poke your head out the window and try to catch a glimpse of the devastation. It’s […]